“We have seen an extraordinary series of high profile crisis situations in the past twelve months where, time after time, senior management were widely criticized for poor crisis management capabilities. Yet in many cases, these were organisations that had crisis management planning in place and were confident it had been tested. When faced with a full-scale issue, however, management teams often discover the “planning” they have in place is close to worthless. SONAR is fast, effective and action-oriented, designed to identify gaps and propose practical, workable, real-world solutions."

Charles Lankester
SVP, Reputation Management
Ruder Finn Asia

Crises timeline

Crises Management in the
Digital Age

Social Media Accelerates News A recent survey by global law firm Freshfields showed more than one-quarter of crises spread to international media within an hour and over two-thirds within 24 hours. However, it still took an average of 21 hours for companies to respond, leaving them open to “trial by Twitter”.

Crises time line
Real time response

New Media, New Rules:
Real Time Response

Social media crises can happen to any corporation, large or small. Even with a greater appreciation of the risks presented by social media, the time lag between a first social media post regarding a corporate crisis and a company response is often many hours. Result? A large period of time when an organization’s reputation is being defined by third-parties. Rarely favourably.

Lead. Don’t Follow
Social media defines how news gathering and reporting is conducted. Result? It is vital that organizations are up to speed on how to use and manage social media effectively in a crisis.

Cerebos sees proactive risk management as a key element of our business strategy. Working with our partners at Ruder Finn, we regularly test our policies and procedures, updating them and ensuring they reflect the latest changes in communications technology, especially developments in social media. SONAR is a highly effective, multi-language platform that we use very successfully for social media risk simulations, ensuring our teams are given the opportunity to test their skills and our corporate preparedness. Highly recommended.

Daniel Quek
VP, Group Corporate Affairs
Cerebos Pacific Limited (A Suntory Group Company)

Any Language

A new risk environment requires new solutions and services. This is the reason Ruder Finn Asia and Daylight developed SONAR, our multi-language, multi-channel social media crisis simulation training system.

Complete Language Flexibility
SONAR offers total language flexibility – from Korean, Japanese, to Simplified and Traditional Chinese. We designed and built the system to allow participant teams to operate in any language throughout the simulation. This natural language environment makes SONAR exercises more realistic and deliver greater value.

A Proven Partnership
Developed in partnership with Hong Kong digital marketing firm Daylight Partnership, SONAR allows clients to experience the dynamic environment of a fast-developing social media issue or crisis in real-time.

Retain the Initiative
We offer clients a practical, real-world, country-specific resource that allows marketing, communications, legal and other teams to experience an issue and make decisions in an entirely safe, secure environment.

The SONAR Experience

Sonar Experience
  • Market Analysis and Scenario Development

    Four weeks before the training takes place, our strategists will research our client's industry, design the crisis scenario and identify the relevant stakeholders in the relevant field

  • Workshop

    On the day of the training, our team will offer an in-depth presentation of social media best practices with case studies both globally and in Asia-Pacific

  • Simulation

    Our three-hour flagship simulation programme enables participants to experience a real-time, challenging and highly authentic crisis as well as the implications of client response procedure and strategy

  • Review

    Our expert team will provide immediate feedback and observations, with a detailed evaluation, identifying strengths and areas for future development

As Real
As It Gets

Market Insight and Case Reviews
Over the course of a day, participants study recent high-profile social media crises in their own market, Asia-Pacific and internationally. The Ruder Finn and Daylight coaching teams provide reputational and digital insight into how real-world social media threats were managed and what could have been done differently or better.

The Social Crisis Commences
The client team then experiences a highly realistic social media challenge which evolves into a major business and reputational threat for their organization. Based on a carefully-researched, detailed scenario, developed with our client, the crisis emerges via a single social media comment, video or blog.

Immersive, Interactive, and Real
The crisis evolves dramatically across the most popular social media platforms. Client teams have to assess the situation, develop strategies and solutions, obtain relevant approvals, and then implement their work. Fully multi-media, clients have a range of problem solving options.

SONAR is tailor-made for each client in terms of language and social media landscape, adapting to the market where the simulation is being held. It allows clients to engage with Weibo, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and numerous other social media channels. The precise portfolio is market-dependent: in China the platform is built around a different social media landscape to India or Singapore.

David Ko,
Managing Director,
Daylight Partnership

Go Forward.

  • Operates intuitively, fluidly and simply in any language and geography
  • Precise replication of social media environment in any geography
  • War-room style set-up: allows participants to track social controversy in real-time
  • Skilled communications and digital consultants work side-by-side with clients
  • Team of copywriters, reporters and bloggers precisely replicate social media communities
  • Detailed post-exercise report and analysis of corporate strengths and areas for improvement
  • Greatly improved speed of response in the event of a real social media incident
  • Rigorous testing of marketing and communications teams in all aspects of a social media crisis